Thursday, October 03, 2002

I was messing around with my wishlist some at lunch today. I must say that while the feature is useful, it isn't as useful as it could be.

While I can sort by type item (book, cd, dvd, etc.), the default being "Date Added" is not the most legitimate order. I also would like a feature that lets me rank, within my wishlist, how much I want something. There may be two books I want, but I would choose to get one sooner than the other - but how does anyone else (i.e. my family) know about my preference?

And, then, a hidden section would be nice. I use my wishlist as more of a shopping list than anything. So there may be books that I don't yet want to add to my wishlist - but I might someday - but, because I haven't decided yet so I wouldn't necessarily want it to be on my wishlist in case someone (again, i.e. my family) were to look there to buy me something.

Although, seeing as its a free service, I probably oughtn't complain so much :)

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