Tuesday, October 01, 2002

We run reports from Lawson through an Access (and that's magic if you ask me). I run these Access reports daily, even occasionally "write" one to use. Then we export them into Excel to manipulate the reports. One of my frustrations used to be the dates. I want the dates to come out in a format Excel recognizes as a date because I need to sort on that, but Access spewed them forth in yyyymmdd format that is usesless. Jason wrote me the directions so they come out in the mm/dd/yyyy format Excel recognizes and all I have to do is cut and paste that into Access and paste the table names in the right places (yay!).

Today, however, I noted that at the end of the directions it says "AS Expr1" and when the report runs the column header says "Expr1". So, I experimented. And I found that if I put "AS ____" I could pre-title my columns and not have to change them every time. Woo-Hoo! I'm so excited. Changing them once will beat changing the titles weekly.

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