Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Of The 100 Best Novels from two categories I've read:

The Board's List
The Great Gatsby (I'm pretty sure I had to read this in High School.)
Brave New World (I hated this book. I found it very disturbing.)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (I wrote a report on Thornton Wilder's works in High School. I enjoyed this one very much.)
Lord of the Flies ([shudder] I also disliked this intensely.)

I'm a bit embarrassed that is all I've read on that list.

The Reader's List
Atlas Shrugged*
The Fountainhead*
The Lord of the Rings (I only got halfway through the Two Towers, though. I did not enjoy these at all at the time, but as I've talked to my brother I think perhaps I was too young. I'm going to try again.)
We the Living*
The Great Gatsby (see caveat above)
Brave New World
Lord of the Flies
The Call of the Wild (Again, I think I read this for school.)

*The large amount of Ayn Rand was my High School senior year English project. I was the only dummy to choose two really long books to read for the project which was to look at themes in 20th Century literature - I just happened to choose one author.

I'd credit this, but have seen it on several blogs ...

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