Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Ok, Ok. February turned out to be an exceedingly busy month and so blogging has suffered a lot. I'll try and catch you up on the highlights ...

We got great tickets to go to the Ohio State vs. Minnesota game at the Schottenstein Center. What a fun game!

Well, of course, the month also started out with my birfday. It was great. My sweet husband purchased a color printer, fax, copier, scanner for me. Yay! My old printer no longer worked because my pc is now XP and there are no drivers for it.

We had 3 dinners with friends and family during the next week. I got to use two of my new cookbooks: The Cake Bible and The How-To Book of Healthy Cooking. The Cake Bible is supposedly a classic, and the instrucitons were easy to follow. The How-To Book of Healthy Cooking is great! It shows you how to buy, prepare, store, etc different types of foods (the vegetables section is particularly good) and has a "master recipe" that teaches the basics of a certain style of dish, then provides 2-4 similar recipes. I've already made two of the dishes, and they were both fantastic. I *highly* recommend it.

On Valentine's, we bought a new couch. I can't wait for it to be delivered. Then we had a great meal at, where else, The Yard Club. (The dessert was especially exquisite: brownie with a raspberry moussse .... it was sooooooooo yummy.)

One of the dinners with family was with my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. The four of us had been given tickets to the CSO Pops A Romantic Journey by Troy and my parents for Christmas. The concert was good, not great. I'm not sure it was really Broadway's "Greatest" Lovesongs as I'd not even heard of some of the musicals many of the pieces came from, and many of the songs were obscure at best. The soprano was fantastic. The baritone was not, although he wasn't bad.

We went to Mitchell's Steakhouse because Jason got a gift card to any of the Cameron Mitchell (high society restaurants in Columbus) restaurants and we wanted to try it out. Thankfully, while there was nothing wrong with the food (tasted good, nice presentation, etc.), there was not really anything special about it either. I say thankfully, because it is a ridiculously expensive restaurant, and we didn't love it!

This past Saturday the Women of Grace hosted our annual New-comers Brunch. The New-comers Brunch is a lot of fun, and one of the activities that immediately made Grace feel like home to me. We had been to visit the church twice and I got an invitation in the mail to come to a brunch. I got to meet a number of the ladies quickly. We always take two coffee mugs/tea cups and one of the new ladies chooses one, then you take the match and sit with her so you can introduce her during the meeting portion. It is a fun and casual event where we can visit with the new and other established ladies. (I couldn't quite get my act together to make something for the brunch, or remember my coffee mugs, but one of the other established ladies brought spare sets and let me borrow and I stopped at Kroger on the way). A lady is considered "new" if she wasn't invited to the previous brunch, so sometimes we have ladies who have been with us almost a year as "new" ladies, and that is still fun.

After I got home, Jason and I headed to visit his parents in Lebanon, Ohio (the ice cream parlor in Milk Money is there, as is the building that some '80s High School comedy was filmed in ... (Harper Valley PTA, Fast Times ..., ? I can never remember)). Anyway, we had a wonderful visit with his family. I helped Jason's dad with writing macros in Excel which I use at work and call on my boss or dad when I have problems. Its a bit strange to be someone else's Excel guru, but good too.

Otherwise, we're going to a wine tasting tonight, so I'll let you know how that was.

I hope you're happy now. I wonder if anyone read the whole thing.

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