Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Over the weekend we rented Amelie and Signs.

Amelie was enjoyable, light, and quirky. Amelie learned that being kind/generous made her feel good, so she decided to do more kind/generous things. Amelie's generosity had a deliberately harsh side, though. The Glass Man was a particularly interesting character to me, as a mentor to Amelie and the grocery boy, he too had the deliberate harshness. I suppose most of us do. Maybe that they act on a personal sense of justice would be a better description, but either way their "meanness" was quite deliberate. Amelie's "helping" was shown in three lights: success, seeming success and eventual failure, and the mean side.

Signs was very good. I almost never like scary movies, I like to be entertained and being scared isn't very entertaining to me. I was almost surprised there were aliens in the movie. The suspense was well built. The theme of purpose and reason versus coincidence was well developed. I would certainly recommend this movie.

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