Wednesday, March 12, 2003

What a crazy morning. An adventure no less.

I got up this morning and was very hungry. Now, I'm usually hungry when I first get up but generally don't eat until I get to work where my oatmeal is. This morning, I just was hungrier than usual; wasn't going to make it to my oatmeal; we had a banana left. I thought I should eat it, then no, then finally decided to while I finished my morning routine getting ready to leave.

Now, my car has been in the shop since Friday evening, so I've been driving Jason's '95 Impala which I don't really like to drive because it is so huge and I have no real concept of its length. It is also a gas guzzler and I needed to get gasoline this morning. I stopped at UDF and, after pulling almost too far forward, put an insane amount of gasoline (both gallons and price) into the car. So far, so good. I got back into the car, put the key in, turned, and ... nothing. No lights, no power locks, nada. Dead car. [sigh]

I grab my purse, walk over to the pay phones (which are now $0.50 for a call! Eep! Glad I had my calling card.) Call my boss. Call Jason. If it had been my car, I would've called AAA, but with Jason's, he can let me know what he wants done. He says he'll stop by home and get the cables and be there shortly. I walk over to the convenience store part of the UDF and tell the lady that my car died and my husband was on his way. Walk back to the car, sit. It's warmer here today (about time), so I hadn't worn my heavy coat or gloves, but it still isn't warm. I was starting to get a bit chilled when a tow truck pulls up in front of me. He says he heard me tell the UDF lady my car was dead and asks me if the car will turn over. I said nope. He has me pop the hood, puts a little battery charger thing on the battery for a second, has me turn the key, and voila! engine. The very nice gentleman from Wotring Towing went on his way.

Well, of course, I'm still going to wait for Jason, but at least I'll be warm enough and won't be taking up a pump from the gas station part. He gets there, I tell him the whole story and he gives me the jumper cables and a wrench in case something with the battery isn't tight enough (I'm not entirely sure what I'd do with the wrench, but I know its there LOL). We get into our respective cars, I hit the radio button to turn it on ... nothing. I have Jason roll down his window and ask him. He says that when it loses power, the radio "locks" he can fix it if I want. No radio ... no music or news? that's probably ok. "Nah, honey, that's ok." forgetting that this also means no traffic report.

It is now about 8:30, the time I had planned on being to work and still a half-hour drive from where I was. I get on the outerbelt. It's late, so I think I can take the shorter-when-it-isn't-rush-hour drive into the office. I get on I-70. At the end of the ramp, traffic is stopped. Solid. Four lanes moving very slowly. [sigh] I stay in traffic until the Wilson Rd exit, turn around, get back on the outerbelt, and drive the rest of the way to work. I got here about 9-9:10ish. Pretty good time.

Then, I finally get my oatmeal.

I'm so thankful I ate that banana. The Lord is good.

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