Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Adventure the Second

We had no problems finding Char-Mar Ridge. What a great hike it is! About a mile and a half, through beautiful woods winding across and around a creek. We looked for glacial erratics, white/red oaks, and shelf fungi. Once again, we found them all! Not only did we find shelf fungi, but we saw several other types which we were able to look up in the Eastern Forest Field Guide I purchased last week. This trail was particularly well-marked with the different trees close to the trail: Oaks, Elm, Locust, Buckeye (my favorite), Black Walnut, Hickory, Hackberry. Oh, and we saw animal tracks in the banks of the creek in a couple of places ... a raccoon and a deer, we think.

Not as many pictures this week, but here are a couple:

Before church (just 'cause it is cute):

The start of the trail:

Jason got some help pushing:

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