Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally, the Breakfast Board!

I saw the idea for the "Breakfast Board" long ago on the Well-Trained Mind Forums and immediately wanted to make one. Well, maybe I didn't make it so immediately, but it is finally ready to go. We do have a separate calendar that we fill in every(ish) morning.

The right side has our Month/Season circle, Day of the Week circle, and a place to put the kitchen helper of the day in. Each child has 2 days a week where they're the helper (R-girl has Mondays & Thursdays, N-boy has Tuesdays & Fridays, M-girl has Wednesdays & Saturdays, and I get my kitchen to myself on the Lord's Day) and they're always asking me whose day it is.

The middle section of the board has a place for color and shape of the week, places to chart the weather (precipitation & temp on one, kind of weather on the other), a time of day circle chart (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night). It also has our place value chart (the yellow thing).

The left side of the chart has a clock and a bag for teaching money. Each day we'll add a penny and exchange the amounts for nickles, dimes, quarters, and a dollar as we get to that point. I'm hoping this will help with the children's understanding of money.

Finally, a picture of the whole thing in its glory. I'm too excited!


  1. What a great way to organize all that stuff! This might be handy for our circle time! :) You mentioned this before but I was too lazy to I had a hard time grasping the concept (& I was too lazy to look it up on the forum!)- the pics helped!

  2. I haven't checked your blog in a while, and I see you've been back to posting frequently. I really like "the breakfast board". I might have to try something like that myself! ;-)

  3. It looks awesome! Nicely done!

  4. Great job, Dawn! (Thanks for the tip with the RSS feed, by the way. :)

  5. Thanks, everyone! I think I might take the clock down, it doesn't really fit for such a specific time (we've done 8:08 two days in a row [grin]) But I forgot to leave room for our picture study, so that is a perfect spot to put the print.

  6. Where did you get the pocket thing for place value? And all the different forms?

    1. Local teacher store for the pocket thing, but one could easily make something similar, I think.

      No idea on the other thing - this was more than 7 years ago. Probably collected them here and there on the internet.


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