Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Report: 1/18/10-1/22/10 (belated)

Last week was a short week to our Homeschool, Jason had Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr Day, so we played with Daddy, took down the Christmas tree, and did some planning.

Memory Work:

Very little of our Memory Work changed from the previous week; we did add the 2nd Stanza for The Yak. However, we started our Weekly Recitation period on Saturday. During this time, the children recite all of their Memory Work for Daddy. We have them stand up (in front of the TV), stand straight, speak clearly, and recite or answer their catechism questions. It went well and this is a time we can look forward to during the week.


M-girl: Read and narrated the "D" lesson from the CLP K Reader. OPGTR Lessons 75-78. ETC-C letter "w."

N-boy: N-boy is reading CVC words beautifully! We did OPGTR Lesson 30-33 last week. Lesson 30 introduces the word "The," and after nap time on Tuesday, N-boy was so excited to bring down the book he took and say, I can read this, "The Sun!" I wish I could bottle that jubilation :)

R-girl: R-girl has been focusing on numbers, so no phonics last week.


M-girl: M-girl is working on Ray's Lessons 7, 8, & 9. We'll work through these several times before moving on. She also did MEP lesson 9.

N-boy: We're going to work on Ray's Lesson 5 for a long time, I'm afraid.

R-girl: R-girl now knows the number 1! She is making a number book with the number and the right number of stickers. This week, number 2! [grin]


M-girl: FLL 17-19; the names of rooms in our house are common nouns and the name of our city & state are proper nouns.

Penmanship: Cursive First uses pictures to help with penmanship. The first is the clock. You teach your student where to start their pencil based on the clock face (e.g. "O" starts at 2:00). They also use a house to teach how to divide up the lines of paper; top to middle line is the Attic, middle to base is the Main floor, under that is the basement. The children find these mental pictures helpful.

Geography: We studied Honduras this week. I had the opportunity to go to Honduras several years ago, I was able to share my pictures from the trip. We also looked at maps, the globe (R-girl can find Honduras, but maybe because it is pink [wink]), and a Honduras book. We colored maps of Honduras and made a Honduran meal! Homemade tortillas (the kids and I rolled & pressed them, Jason cooked them), beans & rice, mango (the first place I ever had mango was in Honduras, yum!), and tres leches cake.

Spanish: Not started yet.

Science: We didn't work on this. I need to revisit my schedule a little, I think.

Same time block as science. [sigh]

Overall, it was a good week. We were able to make up almost everything that we didn't accomplish on Monday.

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  1. Sounds like a good week! I wasn't able to get my post up from last week- seemed like we were running behind all week b/c Monday was so different.


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