Friday, January 08, 2010

Weekly Report: 1/4/10-1/8/10

OK, so we didn't actually do school this week. My official mental scheduled start date is "The Monday following N-boy's birthday & Epiphany."

My plan for this week was to finish planning, plan chore packs (a la Managers of Their Chores), take down the Christmas decorations, and clean the house preparing for N-boy's family party on Sunday. What actually happened? I entered a ton of books into LibraryThing, did a little organizing & planning, and watched a lot of college football. N-boy asked that we leave the tree up for his birthday, so that was one thing off my list ...

We start K5 with M-girl, K4 with N-boy, and Pre-K with R-girl on Monday. Our school week is Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Thursdays are the children's day with my parents, Fridays we have library trips, and projects planned. Saturdays will be recitation for Daddy for our week's memory work (which we'll practice on Thursday and Friday).

I dusted off my MOTH schedule today. You can find it here.

I've very much enjoyed reading the blogs by Mystie and Brandy. I was inspired by their planning posts and Mystie's Daily Routine pages, so I designed my own based on my MOTH.

Daily Routine 2010

Some of the curriculum we'll be using in 2010:

*Geography using a Children's Atlas, then
*History for Little Pilgrims

*Ray's Primary Arithmetic

*Our Father's World
*The World God Made

*Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading

*Explode the Code
*First Language Lessons
*CLP Nature Readers
*Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization

*Cursive First

*El Espanol Facil Jr
*Getting Started with Spanish

*Artistic Pursuits
*How to Teach Art to Children
*Composer Study
*Artist Study

And, of course other books & literature both related and unrelated to the above.


  1. You are so organised! We haven't started back yet either- trying so hard to get into the right mindset first!

  2. Dawn,
    It is wonderful that you have things that you are checking in yourself. I think I might need to add something like that to my personal lists in my binder.

    Thank you for sharing...I like your list!

  3. How do you like Ray's Arithmetic? I've considered using it, but wasn't too sure of its effectiveness.

    Everything sounds like it's ready to go for next week :) Thanks for sharing!


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