Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Report: 3/15/10-3/20/10

We had a pretty productive week.  Daddy was home on Monday and sat in on our Circle Time and helped with some other parts of school, so that was fun.  Tuesday we worked hard.  Wednesday, we didn't do much school, but we read some books about St Patrick and played outside, it was absolutely gorgeous here.  Sadly, R-girl got sick Wednesday evening and was sick all day yesterday, she seems better today though.

Tuesday evening, we went to the family night event at the library about Abraham Lincoln.  They're going to have an exhibit for the rest of the month with some Lincoln artifacts. The librarian read a story and introduced some of the library's resources on Lincoln.  That was fun, then we went to dinner.

I also got to talk to Heather on the phone for over an hour on Wednesday, and it was great! Such an encouragement to catch up, share ideas, and visit with a friend for a bit mid-week [grin]

Memory Work:

Bible: Worked on adding Genesis 1:8.  Excited to start Day 3 on Monday!

Catechism/Creed: Still working the Nicene Creed; we are getting some confusion with the Apostle's Creed, so we'll do some work there.  They're also moving right along with their Catechism for Young Children questions; N-boy is almost done with the 3 "What is sin?" questions, R-girl is up through "Who wrote the Bible?," and M-girl is to "Did our Lord Jesus Christ ever commit the least sin?"  They'll each have a new set starting Monday, I'm very happy with their progress.

Hymn: We're working on All Glory Laud and Honor in hopes it'll be sung during worship on Palm Sunday; we're also singing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"  You may recall my recent lament that I really need a piano-accompaniment CD for our hymn singing, so I ordered Hymns for Kith and Kin (and a hymnal) and hope to receive it soon.

Poetry: We read Casey at the Bat this week.  I'm going to start adding a Nursery Rhyme, too - N-boy & M-girl know a lot of Nursery Rhymes, but R-girl doesn't know as many.  We also worked on the 3rd stanza of My Shadow.

Counting: I think everyone can count by 5s to 100, we'll see tomorrow at recitation.

Other Memory Work:  We realized this week that our address rhymes we live on a "drive" and our ZIP ends in "five"  The rhythm isn't quite right, though.


M-girl: We added McGuffey's 2nd Reader for M-girl and it has been a nice addition.  She is doing her ETC book entirely on her own, so we "needed" something for that space for her school time.

N-boy: He read a bunch of BOB books this week! Hooray! He isn't fluently reading (still "C----at, "cat!"), but he gets the idea!  Jason said he was following along in the hymnal on Sunday, so I'm excited!  He also didn't argue and complain about the length of the OPG lessons this week, so that was a major improvement!

R-girl: We read some Winnie-the-Pooh (Tut, tut, looks like rain!) and some other fun stories.


M-girl: M-girl is rockin' the flash cards for addition from 0+0 to 2+10.  I want to do some timed sheets with her soon.

N-boy: N-boy is still working on his numbers.  I've been emphasizing place value a *lot* in his lessons.  "How many 10s are in 15?" "How many 10s are in 80?"

R-girl:  She loves the Mighty Mind puzzles and we did our single digit number puzzle this week, too.


M-girl:  Even though she won't say it, she likes grammar.  Particularly narrations.  We did the next 2 lessons.

Penmanship: M-girl is working on 7s and 4s, N-boy is working on 8s.

Geography: We read some about Cuba and Haiti this week.  We found them on the globe.  We may try to make Cuban food tomorrow night (or we may not, depends if I'm feeling any better than I am today and can go to the store.)

Spanish: Spanish might be M-girl's favorite subject right now! I'm pleased, because I foresee (Lord willing) much foreign language in her future.  (I would love to do Latin, Greek, and Hebrew by the end of high school).

Science: They played outside in the backyard a *lot* this week.  M-girl picked shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day. 

Art:  We were going to make green hats, but didn't and now we've been sick. 

Bible:  But for sickness, we'd have finished our book this week.


  1. you guys had a great week!!

  2. Oh, could you explain how you do recitation? I would like to add something like that, but can't quite "see" it. :)

    Also, what are you using for grammar? I'm debating whether or not to do grammar next year. :)

  3. It WAS good to catch up & bounce ideas off each other! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful week. The McGuffey readers are so good, huh?

  4. Mystie, we're using First Language Lessons (1/2). I really like it! It is a bit slow, but that makes it so very gentle for M-girl. The lessons include poetry memorization, picture narration, story narration, grammar lessons (we've been talking about nouns *forever*). It doesn't take very much time in our day most days, maybe 10 minutes? Longer if we're doing a narration and M-girl is drawing a picture to go with it.

    I'll do a separate post on recitation.

  5. I love reading about your week. They seem so peaceful. Winne the Pooh is a favorite around here.

    My hubby reads it to his first grade class every year. Most of them are shocked that Winnie the Pooh has such hard words. They've never heard anything but fluff.

  6. Thanks, Daisy. They're not really all that peaceful, we have plenty of complaining and arguing :(

    I always enjoy reading *your* posts, your weeks always look so fun & interesting!

  7. It sounds as if you had a learning filled week for all. What did you fix for your Cuban meal? I love to try different foods.
    My dd5 loves FLL. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "The Caterpillar". So sweet!


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