Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Report: 3/8/10-3/13/10

We did approximately one day of school this week.  All of us, maybe especially Mommy, had spring fever.  We also had two playdates, one on Monday which kind of threw me off.  That is something *I* need to work on ... going forward even when missing one day.  We did have a great time and it was a valuable time with friends on both Monday and Friday.

Memory Work:

We did start on some of our new memory work, but with one day, I'm sure it isn't memorized.  We'll try this set again next week.


M-girl: We did add McGuffey for M-girl on Wednesday.  We started in the second reader, she could easily read the whole lesson, but we'll use the comprehension questions and go from there.

N-boy: N-boy is doing great! He's getting more confident even with the two letter blends (he read "snack" yesterday ... we haven't done starting blends at all!) 

R-girl: We read Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom ... fun :)


M-girl: M-girl is upset with me, "But Mommy, adding by 2 is too easy." 

N-boy: Still working on our numbers, I introduced some place value ideas "1 ten 2 ones makes twelve.  We talked about sets of 10s and how we numerate using different places.

R-girl:  She did number puzzles and Mighty Mind puzzles (she loves these!)


M-girl:  This week's lesson was to identify nouns in the story she narrated last time.  She did a good job with this. 

Penmanship: M-girl worked on 7s, N-boy is still working on 6s.

Geography: We colored maps and flags for Ecuador and Peru.  I'm going to move on to the Carribean this week.  My folks just got back from Ecuador and Peru, so I'll let them share their pictures & stories of these countries.  Our denomination has a missionary in Haiti and recently sent a group of men to Cuba (how cool is that!); one of those men is the General Secretary of missions and he's also been to Haiti post-earthquake.  He came and gave a presentation on both of these nations ... a perfect introduction to our studies for next week.

Spanish: We did listen to Lesson 3.  I really, really like this!

Science:  none.

Art: none.

Bible: We're almost done with God's Alphabet for Life ... I know you're waiting with bated breath for my review ...


  1. Your one day of school was definitely busy. Sometimes one good day is all it takes.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day of school. I think we are all in desperate need of Spring Break. ;-)


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