Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Review: Building Her House by Nancy Wilson

I have (and continue to) enjoyed Nancy Wilson's writing from The Fruit of her Hands; to reading the blog she and her daughters (and daughters-in-law) write, femina; to now Building Her House.  She gives small little bits of wisdom in a framework that is approachable and interesting.  The writing is easy to read, the encouragement is tangible, the reader feels that what she says is real, something she has lived ... not something she's making up to write a book.

Actually, my biggest criticism of her books is that they're not really books.  Building Her House hangs together better than The Fruit of her Hands (I haven't read Praise Her in the Gates), but there is no attempt to hold it together coherently with an introduction, conclusion, or connections between chapters.

There is a plus side to this; the busy mom can easily pick up the book, read an essay in 5 minutes, and be encouraged. 

I felt like parts of Building Her House were very directed at the new wife.  The essay on Mothers-in-Law was especially good at reminding me that I have the best Mother-in-Law in the world.  The essay on Daughters-in-Law helped me to consider things I can do better even almost 10 years in.   Other parts were definitely aimed at mothers with older children - children who play sports or are school-aged. Mrs. Wilson is very good at encouraging wives to respect their husbands and gives reasons that can be latched onto easily. 

Overall, this was a quick, encouraging read, and one I could happily recommend.

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  1. I love that her books are formatted this way b/c it does make it easier for me to read! This book is high on my list to buy!


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