Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekly Report: 4/12/10-4/16/10

Last weekend I went to the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention, was encouraged and re-energized.  I changed some things around in our schedule: extended Circle Time to an hour in order to include more read aloud time and  N-boy and R-girl traded their one-on-one time as N-boy was having a hard time re-engaging in school work and R-girl's time is less work and more singing and reading which she'd be happy to do all waking hours.  These two changes have helped a *lot* this week.  We had some challenges on Monday getting back into routine after a few weeks of break, but I was encouraged that the challenges were generally limited to Monday and the pace just went relatively well Tuesday and Wednesday.

Memory Work:

Bible: Review week ... Genesis 1:1-8

Catechism/Creed: slow and steady

Hymn: we added verse 2 of Christ the Lord is Risen Today; they should know it for *next* Resurrection Sunday!

Poetry:M-girl and N-boy know "My Shadow" by Robert Louis Stevenson.  With the occasional prompt.

Counting: We're skip counting by 2s (even #s) in April.

Other Memory Work: They're working on my phone number.  We don't have a land line, so eventually we'll do Jason's as well.


M-girl: She has decided that OPG is entirely too slow, so 3-4 lessons a day will get it done faster.  All her instigation, but no complaints from me [grin]  She also read a couple of lessons from McGuffey's Second Reader, which are too easy for her, but she likes well enough.

N-boy: He's plugging away at CVC words. 

R-girl: Winnie-the-Pooh stories.  And Raggedy Ann stories.


M-girl: She's working on addition by 3s!

N-boy: By jove, I think he's got recognition for numbers between 10-20! 


M-girl:  She studied the months of the year this week and had her first copywork lesson.  I can't wait to see the updates to FLL 1/2!

Penmanship: both N-boy and R-girl wrote numbers in the salt box.  They love this!

Spanish: We did Lesson 4 and I really like El Espanol Facil.

Bible:  I've started reading Catherine Vos' Bible story book during Circle Time and it is a hit.  We're also working through Little Thoughts for Big Kids by Hunt with Jason and they enjoy that.

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