Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Review: Wise Words by Peter Leithart

At conference, I picked up Wise Words by Peter Leithart.  I've been reading it a story or so before bed, pre-reading to see if it would be good for the children as we've been reading Proverbs.  Amazon lists the age range as 9-12, and I'd say that is much more realistic than for my 3 ,4, & 5 year old (well 3 for all practical purposes). 

Some of the stories I found to be quite excellent and to illustrate the Proverb "moral" well.  Some of the stories had a more, um, tenuous relationship with the Proverb.  Part of my problem, I'm sure was that I didn't realize the book was for older children rather than younger until this morning.  I think we'll put this on the shelf for a while, I'm sure we'll pull it out when they're all older.

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  1. The children have been begging to read this!


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