Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weekly Report: 4/19/10-4/30/10 (OK, so 2 weeks)

We've done school these past couple of weeks. Skipped a day to play outside in beautiful weather. We went to the gym, the zoo, the Indianapolis Children's Museum, and soccer games in the past two weeks, so we've been super-busy, but having a lot of fun! The school days have steadily improved, although we've dropped back to our "base" schedule (no geography, science, art, or Spanish) in order to get back into routine. We've added a lot of read alouds into our Circle Time which has been fun. Right now, we're reading the Burgess Bird Book, Catherine Vos' Children's Bible, Aesop's Fables, and a poem from the Oxford's Children's poetry book. We've added a read aloud at the end of dinner time. We read The Boxcar Children (after M-girl had finished it) and have started the Just So Stories, which are amusing.

Memory Work:

Bible: We've been working on the beginning of day 3 ... Genesis 1:9-10.

Catechism/Creed: We work on self-defined "sections" of the Catechism for Young Children. R-girl is doing the section on God creating Adam, having a soul, and knowing how you have a soul; N-boy is working on the three questions about sin; M-girl is working on a section that ends with defining Justification and Sanctification. They're doing a great job!

Hymn: We're finished with Christ the Lord is Risen Today! We're going to learn Amazing Grace in May.

Poetry: I think M-girl and N-boy have learned "There Was an Old Person Whose Habits." R-girl is going through "After the Party" quickly and easily ... she may catch up with the others someday [grin]

Counting: In April we worked on Skip-Counting by 2s (evens).

Other Memory Work I think all children now know our phone number.


M-girl: She really wants to finish this book; she's going through 3-4 lessons every day. I'm considering doing as SWB advises in this video and switching her lessons to spelling.

N-boy: is working through 2-letter ending blends. I also helped him read through the board book version of Hop on Pop.

R-girl: some Winnie-the-Pooh and some Dr. Seuss.


M-girl: She's doing well working on adding 4s. We really need to start working on memorizing her facts.

N-boy: He's reading numbers well and wants to add, but he has to work on Lesson 5 a little more before we switch.

R-girl: She made the 7 in her number book.


M-girl: We finished regular nouns! M-girl is so pleased to be moving on! Now we have 5 days of pronouns before verbs.

Penmanship: We did some of the copywork from First Language Lessons.

Geography: We didn't do this.

Spanish: We did another lesson last week, but totally skipped this week.

Science: No science, although I did get some library books for the children to peruse.

Art: No art for a few weeks, soccer is really cramping our style. On the up side, the children draw and color with any free time they get.

Bible: We added Catherine Vos' Children's Bible to Circle Time, we're working through Big Truths for Little Kids, and we continue with reading a chapter of Proverbs every day at breakfast.


  1. Brings back so many good memories! :)

  2. We love the Indy Children's Museum. One visit is worth an entire week's work IMO.


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