Friday, July 02, 2010

CiRCE Chat

Today's CiRCE Chat on teaching from a state of rest was super helpful. (I'll link when they post the transcript)

Andrew Kern: "Purpose and Form, [ladydusk]. If the purpose is to amuse them, don't do it. If you are cultivating the intellect and disciplining the will, do it. If the pleasure arises from the discover of truth, pursue it. If the pleasure is nothing more than an appeal to the senses, ignore it." 


  1. Drat! I missed it! I happened upon the first one, but never saw an announcement for the next. Please do link it when they put it up!

  2. That's how I felt when I missed the first one ... you asked such good questions :)

    I *think* this one is still on the front page where you can replay it, I'm hoping they'll be archiving them somehow.


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