Friday, July 30, 2010

Ed Philosophy: "Fattening up their souls"

Another CiRCE chat, more Andrew Kern quotes.

Educating in order to "Fatten up their Souls"
  1. You'll read old stories together.
  2. You'll talk about what you read.
  3. You'll give them experiences seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting beautiful things.
  4. You'll give them the same sort of experiences with true and good things; especially in your words and treatment of them. [Dawn's note: yikes!]
  5. You'll give them opportunities to imitate/create true, good, and beautiful things - perhaps by memorizing them, or by narrating back to you, or by singing, or by painting, or drawing, or playing piano, or writing, etc.
  6. They will work in their part of the garden.
  7. You will find ways to discipline their wills. Sometimes, they will have to keep going when they want to quit, sometimes they will be told they can't have something they want (even if their brother has it), etc. Sometimes, through math or science.
  8. You will find ways to cultivate the perceptive powers of reason as well as the calculating powers. You will teach them to find and create harmonies.
Shall we discuss? I'm starting to get a glimmer, philosophically how this could work.  It sounds beautiful and easy, eh? It is putting it into practice that I find daunting.   What attracts/scares you?


  1. Can you bring your CIRCE stuff with you? What are the chats? I need to mull over this- wish I could here it. Good stuff.

  2. I will bring it ... I'm not sure you could stop me. Several of the talks I even have on my phone or Zune. The chats are typing, internet chats; if you follow the link you can read the whole thing ... it was very good! They're doing a chat every other week or so on a topic. They just had their conference last week and it was a recap of that - or supposed to be. They're going to chat on that next time, too.

    There's a good conference recap here at this blog ... and even what she wrote is a wonderful encouragement and makes me *think*.

  3. Dawn,
    I've read the transcript from that chat, twice! Good stuff there.
    Thanks for putting it up. I love the CIRCE stuff!

  4. Thanks for being in on that chat and asking some great questions!

    What intimidates me about that list is how much attention and energy it takes. Yikes!


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