Friday, July 30, 2010

Field Trip: Touch a Truck

Today was the annual Touch a Truck event in my parents' town.  We climbed in and around everything from fire trucks to mail trucks to two kinds of buses.  This year, they added a TV news helicopter and van with equipment.  We stayed and watched the helicopter take off; it was exciting!

This is N-boy's favorite annual event, I'm convinced.  Here he is practicing for his future ... behind the wheel of a fire truck.  He's absolutely convinced.
The helicopter! And a picture of me with my children! What an exciting day :)
If the firetruck thing doesn't work out, he might enjoy driving COTA buses ...
One way to get to ride a school bus ...
The mail truck was cool ... he was giving away Tootsie Rolls.
Or maybe a Police Officer.  Doesn't he look like he's having a blast? At least this year they didn't let the kids run the sirens ...
The children had their first Sno-cones today (it was *hot* and I forgot to bring water).  N-boy got a good amount on him (although more in him, I think).  He was rolling in the grass trying to dry off.  You can see the blue around his mouth.

It was a fun morning!

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  1. FUN! Wish we could have been there! (Oh, and so good to see a pic of YOU too!)


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