Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading Resource

I'm working on a new organizational system for our schooling/life/planning.  I'll post more when I get closer to done.  Part of that system will include charts to track our completion of lessons for "do the next thing" style curricula.  I was inspired by a chart another mom posted and by our library's summer reading program "map." 

The Ordinary Parents' Guide is separated into Sections, so I made five different charts to combine sections as best I could.  I've posted them on Google Docs: Section 3-6, Section 7-12, Section 13-14, Section 15-16, and Section 17-21.  You could color, sticker, stamp, whatever the circles when the lesson is completed.  I'm hopeful this will inspire my children to want to complete one or more lessons in a day.


  1. What do you think of Ordinary Parents', Dawn? I almost got that one, but ended up getting Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy lessons because I heard good things about it (and it was cheaper!). Just curious.
    (Do you mind emailing me? I might forget to check back to the blog.)


  2. Hi Amanda,

    I haven't used 100 EZ Lessons. People either seem to love it or hate it, and I think I would have hated it.

    I used Alpha Phonics for a while with Margaret, but she was getting so the pages of words made her cry.

    I didn't like Phonics Pathways' short vowel combination chants because be- says bee not beh.

    I skip the first 26 lessons in OPG because they're letter recognition. There are things about OPG I like, straightforward parent instructions (a script) and easy steps and rules for the student. It is dull, but I think any reading program will be. It is methodical and slow. M-girl learned to read through a combination of Between the Lions (PBS), Leap Frog videos, reading books, and OPG. N-boy seems to be mostly working on OPG and it is going kind of slowly, but steadily. One thing I *dislike* about OPG is that the script is in the middle of the student words, but I've typed up pages of the student portion without the script and can hand one page to the kids (until a certain point, M-girluses the book now without complaint) and that helps a lot.

    Hm. Let me know if you have other questions ...

  3. I've liked Phonics Pathways b/c I did not want the script.

  4. Oh, I love organizational systems. :) I think I need a new one....because I'd rather plan than do. ;)

  5. Ha! You and me both, Mystie. Happily, my old one that sort of, kind of worked (when I used it) is "up" at the end of July, so now is the time to redo it anyway. It is also the basis for my new one and I'm just expanding so more is planned than before.

    Don't want to give away too much ;)


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