Friday, July 02, 2010

Weekly Report: 6/28/10-7/2/10

Back in the saddle again.  Two days of lessons and a trip to the Zoo filled out our school week.

Memory Work:

Bible: ... for signs and for seasons, for days and for years ...

Catechism/Creed: R-girl is ready to move to the "What is a sacred covenant?" section.  N-boy is flying to catch up with M-girl.  M-girl needs one more week on her current section.

Hymn: We're done with "How Great Thou Art"

Poetry: M-girl and N-boy pretty much have Jonathan Bing down.

Counting: We've been working on odd numbers.

Other Memory Work:  We were supposed to do the Pledge of Allegiance in June.  Oops.  M-girl has been listening to Wee Sing America, so I wouldn't be surprised if she knows it pretty well.


M-girl: We moved into the [igh] and [ough] section in OPG. 

N-boy: Working on beginning blends.

R-girl: Started ETC-A and did a few pages.  She's so excited to "Pescwode da code!"


M-girl: Has only one more lesson in MEP Book 1A.  She loves it.  I need to get B printed today.

N-boy: I think he finally has it.  I'm going to get MEP Book 1A printed for him.

R-girl:  None yet.


M-girl:  Verbs are action words!

Bible: We finished Tell Me About God: Simple studies in the doctrine of God for children by Susan Harding.  This was a nice introduction considering the attributes of God organized around the alphabet.  It wasn't as engaging as the other ABC devotionals we've done have been, but if we knew the tunes to the Psalms that might have helped.  We're trying to decide what to do next, so we've been reading through Doorpost's Go to the Ant chart in the mean-time. 


  1. Ah- the baby elephant is getting so big! :( Again, we really miss the zoo... might need to come visit you all so we can go to the zoo!

  2. Looks like a good week. We visited our zoo on Thursday.


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