Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Report: 7/19/10-7/23/10

Ah.  The Principal stepped in and spoke with the children, and Wednesday morning went much better.  Lord willing, this will continue.  We accomplished quite a bit in our regular educating.  M-girl came in dress-up clothes to the table one day:

Memory Work:

Bible: Another week another verse.  We're through verse 16.  When we finish Day 4, we'll do a couple of review weeks.

Catechism/Creed: I think, I think M-girl and N-boy will be ready to move to a new set of questions next week.

Hymn: Next week, we'll finish Eternal Father, Strong to Save. I've really enjoyed learning this hymn, it has an interesting rhythm and tune: it is fun to sing!

Manner:  Still working on "How are you to obey?"

Poetry: I think M-girl and N-boy are ready to move on to the next poem. Hooray!

Counting: One more week focusing on odd numbers.

Other Memory Work:  They have the Pledge of Allegiance cold.  Maybe we'll work on the National Anthem next week (which we didn't do in June).


M-girl: She learned about the schwa ... yay!

N-boy: Chant with me: -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung

R-girl: You saw her sorting buttons, and in front of her, you see her "B is for Button."  We also read button books (The Button Box was our favorite).  This morning, we made Banana Bread.  It was a fun week.


M-girl:  I think M-girl did 4 math lessons this week (at her request). 

N-boy: N-boy has gotten into MEP as much as his sister; it is usually what he asks to do first.

R-girl:  R-girl *finally* got to finish her number book, she made her 9 and 10.  We're going to continue studying math through cooking, sorting, matching, patterning, and play.  I'm planning on starting MEP's Reception level with her in January.


M-girl:  Her favorite lesson so far was "Abbreviated."   She really enjoyed the Crow and the Pitcher, narrating it and drawing a picture (I think it is a mallard ...):

 Bible:  We're reading Vos in the mornings and Lloyd-Jones in the evening.  M-girl's Sunday School teacher thinks we should move further ahead than the week of what they're studying :)

Read Alouds:  Tonight, tonight, we should finally finish The Five Little Peppers.  Next up: The Borrowers.  M-girl has decided to read The Princess and the Goblin at breakfast; we'll see how that goes, it should be very difficult reading for her.

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  1. Love, love the dress up clothes & the mallard. Too cute! :)


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