Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Report: 7/24/10-7/30/10

We did one day and a little of school this week ... but we had 2 big field trips! On Tuesday, we enjoyed a day learning at COSI with my parents and niece and nephew.  Today, we went to the Touch a Truck event in my parents' town.  Pictures to come.

Memory Work:

Bible: We started working on Genesis 1:17.

Catechism/Creed: M-girl and N-boy started on new sections of questions.  R-girl is still working on the What is a Sacred Covenant? section.

Hymn:  Finished up on Eternal Father, Strong to Save.  Next up: oooh, another favorite: Be Thou My Vision!

Manner: I'm thinking we're going to work on Pleases and Thank Yous in the next month.  Anyone have a good poem/saying about it?

Poetry: M-girl and N-boy are done with Jonathan Bing (although they get confused about the soldier and the archbishop ...)  R-girl has yet to say After the Party all the way through.

Counting: Counting by odds is getting there.  Good thing we review a lot.

Other Memory Work:  They have (and have had) the Pledge down for a while now.  August, as the precursor to football season, we learn the Buckeye Battle Cry! (OH-!)


M-girl: She worked through a couple of lessons this week. That elusive /schwa/.  Catching up on ETC.

N-boy: A little break has been good; he tried reading some board books this week.  We caught up on last week's ETC.  Now we're behind again :p

R-girl: Did last week's ETC, are you noting a theme?


M-girl: Another MEP lesson; she wanted to do 2 ... I probably should have let her!

N-boy: More MEP.  He's doing so well with this!

R-girl:  We didn't do much math this week.  Hm.


M-girl:  We worked on abbreviating the Winter months to 3 letters.  She can spout off the definitions for noun, pronoun, and verb.

Science: We spent a long time in the Gadgets section at COSI.

Bible: We've done the Jesus Storybook Bible in the evenings.  The children are enthralled.

Read Aloud:  We're reading The Borrowers which has been a nice break after the Five Little Peppers.


  1. Oh, Dawn, Dawn! You educate your children even when you don't do "school" days. Field trips are great & real life is good too. Don't worry- the lessons will be there! :)

    I'm so impressed w/ how many hymns you all are memorizing! We have just gotten back to this. Do you memorize the whole hymn? I have so many hymns in my head but the problem is that I only know 1 or 2 lines, so I'm trying to get the children to learn the whole hymn. Either way, this will be a HUGE blessing in their lives!

  2. Hi Heather,

    We do work on the whole hymn; generally we learn one verse a week. And then review, review, review :) They're just now getting pretty good at the hymns we learned in April and May.

    And I'm not really upset about what we accomplished this week. I would have preferred to have done lessons on Wednesday, but so it goes.


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