Friday, July 09, 2010

Weekly Report: 7/4/10-7/9/10

We enjoyed taking Monday off to celebrate our nation's independence with Daddy.  We went to a parade and relaxed.  We read about the Declaration of Independence.  Then got down to business on Tuesday and Wednesday.  When my mom asked R-girl what she learned in school, she said, "Nothing!" and when Jason asked her she said, "I learned about 'F'".  Go figure.

Memory Work:

Bible: Week 2 learning the signs and seasons verse.

Catechism/Creed: R-girl is working on "What is a sacred covenant?";  N-boy has a hard time with "What is a change of heart called?"; and M-girl is learning "What is it to repent?".  

Hymn: We started learning Eternal Father Strong to Save.  (Is it bad that I almost linked this?)

Poetry: M-girl & N-boy are still working on Jonathan Bing.  R-girl is working on Jonathan Blake, er, After the Party.

Counting: We're counting by Odd numbers.

Other Memory Work:  We're working on The Pledge of Allegiance and "How are you to obey?" (Quickly, Quietly, Cheerfully, Completely)


M-girl: Still working steadily on gh words in the Ordinary Parents' Guide.  She's also reading aloud from the CLP reader or McGuffey's and working on narrating back.

N-boy: Slowly working on those two letter blends at the beginning of words.

R-girl: She did some more on "F" in her Explode the Code.  She also made an "F" for her Alphabet book putting her fingerprints all over it.


M-girl: She is doing very well with MEP.  We're finished with the first section (0-2) and we're working on the second.  It amazes me that this is a free math program.

N-boy: Started MEP this week.  At first he didn't want to, but once he got started, he figured out it was fun and he could do it. 

R-girl:  We made her "8" for her number book.  Two more weeks to go.


M-girl: We're working on the Verbs are words that show action section.  She enjoyed the picture narration section.

Bible:  We're enjoying the Catherine Vos Bible.  We read this week about Rebekah and Esau & Jacob.  For evening devotions, we've started through the Jesus Storybook Bible again.  We enjoy reading this Bible to help the children get the big picture of the Bible.

Read Alouds: We're reading The Burgess Bird Book during Circle Time.  It is OK.  We're reading Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.  None of us love this, but we'll finish it soon enough.

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