Friday, August 13, 2010

Another CiRCE Chat!

We were at Cedar Point yesterday (pictures forthcoming sometime) and I missed the most recent CiRCE Chat

Happily, the transcript is still available.  I've read it once, need to do it again to pick up some more before commenting.  Please feel free to discuss anything in my comments!

The next chat (August 26 at 3pm) will be about teaching attentiveness ... sure to be one not to miss!


  1. I missed it to. I'm not sure I'll be able to make any at 3pm Eastern time; that's 6pm and dinner/family/crazy time here. I'm glad they publish the transcripts!

  2. Mystie, isn't 3pm Eastern more like noon for you? Not that that helps a lot. It is conveniently timed at nap time for me. Thursdays, in general, aren't so good for me though.

  3. Ha! You're right! Boy, that is bad. :) It's like I need sleep or something... :)


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