Monday, August 23, 2010

The Simple Woman' Daybook for August 23, 2010

FOR TODAY   Monday, August 23, 2010 ...

Outside my window... the sky is fluctuating between grey and blue.  The temperature is more temperate.

I am thinking... that our schedule went really well this morning.  Getting going at 7, we got our chores (plus extra Monday chores) done first thing, got our lessons done, and got down for naps at 2.  Yay!  Now, we'll see if art gets done this afternoon.

I am thankful for... the example our friends made for doing chores, my kiddos are more excited and less complaining about pitching in.  Yay!

From the learning rooms... We're studying Europe this week.  The children began coloring the flag for the European Union and we'll do the Europe map the rest of the week.  We're also reviewing our Spanish this week.

From the kitchen... that seems to be the question of the day.  I'll probably do something chicken and some such.

I am wearing... denim shorts and green keyhole shirt.

I am creating... lesson plans.  Files.  Still.  Forever.  I'm going through and thinking about history activities.

I am going... almost *nowhere* this week.  Maybe the pool.  Maybe a Clippers game.  My parents' to drop the children while I run errands. Ah.

I am reading... I finished The Core! (review pending)  I'm reading the Story of the World AG and the Mystery of History book reviewing activities.  I may try to face Norms and Nobility again.

I am hoping... to work on  my Chore planning again.

I am hearing... HGTV's Bang for Your Buck.  Sandy licking her paw.  Nothing exciting.

Around the house... peace, quiet, calm.

One of my favorite things... when the schedule works right!

A few plans for the rest of the week: lessons, lessons, lessons.  Enjoying the calm before the fall.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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  1. If you're going to the pool Wednesday - Friday, we could meet you there. We'll have the van. :)

  2. Hi Anna ... I'm going to try to get there Wednesday and Friday from 1-3.

  3. AH- no makeup & hair undone! SCARY!!!

    What is a "keyhole" shirt? Strange pictures pop up in my head but that is probably due to lack of sleep...


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