Saturday, August 06, 2011

Weekly Report: 8/1/11-8/5/11

We had a pretty good week.  I added a new chore system this week and we were having a hard time getting going in the mornings, so we only did Circle Time once.  Otherwise, we added back in independent work (Mommy=happy, children not-so-much.)


N-boy: He blew through 8 or more lessons this week.  He learned more about r-controlled vowels. 

R-girl: is doing wonderfully! Blending consonants is really clicking for her.  We went to a Columbus Clippers (Minor League baseball) game on Monday and some boys had a sign, R-girl looked up and me and said, "Let it Rock!" ... exactly what the sign said! Yay, R-girl!


M-girl: is doing well adding up to 12s in MEP and she added Math Mammoth pages this week adding up to 10s.

N-boy: is adding up to 10s in MEP and started 11s.  He did some Math Mammoth pages as well.

R-girl: worked on counting to and making 8s.  Reception is improving as we get to different numbers than 5. The pages she is currently working on are going through the seasons, too.  This is really good stuff!


M-girl: need more toner in my copier for M-girl to start back on logic pages.  She did a couple pages of Geography that involved reading columns and rows ... I think that'll help with future logic problems.

N-boy: I like the Mindbenders, and N-boy seems to like them.  I really want to work on first time recall with these, and he doesn't.

Grammar:  Have I shown you my Grammar book? I made index cards of the memory work from FLL and put them on book rings, then I punched into the cover and attached the book rings to that. This system is working well!

M-girl: learned about quotation marks, a new poem, and narrated 'The Little Red Hen.'  Then she drew a picture too:

N-boy: is learning about pronouns. This section is such a relief!


M-girl: her copywork and narration skills are getting quite good.


M-girl: did two spelling lists this week and only missed one word: upon.  She spelled it how we say it, "apon."


M-girl: This week's lesson was about adjectives.


M-girl: finished practicing the bumps for m's and n's.

N-boy: made some beautiful c's

R-girl: started writing 8's.

History:  We started reading about the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.  We read about the Hyksos and the defeat of Nubia.  I found a free download of The Cat of Bubastes from Librivox (so far, not a great reader, but free!)  We also read from several other Egypt books from the Library.

Science: We began our study of the Human Body.  At least partly because the Plant book ran off with Living Memory but mostly because we were at that point.  (Terrible when you can't remember where you put the memory book!)

Art: no art this week :(

Read Alouds: We finished The Phantom Tollbooth and began The Wind in the Willows.  We read a little more of The Bronze Bow and The Trumpet of the Swan. 

Bible: We're reading from Vos in the evenings and read about healings and the Sermon on the Mount this week.  We started memorizing the Fruit of the Spirit in Circle Time.


  1. GREAT idea for the grammar book! :) I saved the definitions on the computer, printed them out & put them in our memory binder.

  2. That is a great idea on the grammar book. I have at least one who would really appreciate that.


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