Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly Report: 8/7/11-8/12/11

We had a really pretty good week of school. Project Day was fun. Lessons went reasonably well. Got the house (mostly) cleaned Friday and did school. We still only did 1 day of CT, I need to start rebalancing ...


N-boy: There are a lot of r-controlled vowel lessons in OPG ... We're close to finishing them.

R-girl: she is such a trooper, but only did about half a reading lesson this week. This is something I don't want to push too much and if the child is asking for more math ...


M-girl: finished up a couple of books this week: Addie Across the Prairie and Beezus and Ramona. She has a tendency to read several things at once ... hmmm, wonder where she learned *that*?

N-boy: is hard to tear away from books. I don't know what all he read this week, but some Egypt books and some fun books, and some books to R-girl. What a good big brother :)


M-girl: is adding up to 12s and doing it quite well. She also did a couple pages of Math Mammoth as review.

N-boy: is adding up to 10s. He also did some Math Mammoth this week with no problems.

R-girl: did a long lesson in MEP this week. She's working on making 8s.


M-girl: did some logic pages this week! Yay!

N-boy: answered several questions. He and I need to work on attention, listening, and focus.


M-girl: is working on quotation marks. She had one dictation exercise and did a great job with it!

N-boy: is working on pronouns and narrations. He identified several pronouns and narrated back the story of the Bundle of Sticks.


M-girl: finished WWE Week 13.


M-girl: completed two lists with only one mistake.


M-girl: learned some adverbs this week. We need to get back to doing all our flash cards every school day.


M-girl: is finally starting to enjoy penmanship and wanting to learn all the letters. It wasn't a struggle this week to get her to do the pages :)

N-boy: finished his "c" page and is ready to move on to tall letters :)

R-girl: wrote a nice card for a friend at church.

History: We had a great project day Monday! We made paper beads and decorated hands with geometric shapes.

Science: We did some projects for science too, starting out our study of the Human Body (happily, I found my plant book too!). We made wheels that show the body systems and their jobs. We also made self-portraits:

We also started memorizing the 11 body systems and I selected our other memory work from Living Memory (which I also found ... right where I'd been looking for it!).

Art: The children drew landscapes inspired by our back yard. They did a great job.

Read Alouds: A little slower this week. We only read from The Wind in the Willows twice as we had busy evenings. I think we may have read a chapter from Trumpet of the Swan one day this week. We have been listening to Librivox's Cat of the Bubastes during our travels and enjoying it very much (well, except R-girl).

Bible: The children are memorizing Galatians 5:22-23 (something I already have memorized! Woo-hoo!) and the books of the New Testament. We read a little more about Moses from Covenantal Catechism and worked some more on our Catechism questions.


  1. I'm curious, are your weekly reports linked anywhere? Because of the graphic, it seems like maybe it's part of a blog linky somewhere?

    I'm still trying to decide whether or not to add in a weekly report type post, myself. :)

  2. I link them to a weekly post on the WTM forum, but it could certainly be an independent kinda thing. I like doing it as it helps me see trends and ebbs and flows to our schooling ... even if it bores everyone else [grin]

    I think you should definitely do a Weekly Report post! I loved the one you did last week :)

  3. It makes me feel like I have been visited by Puck when I find things right where I have been looking for them!

    Love the necklaces!

  4. Sounds like a nice week. I like wheels :)

    Weekly reports give me a bit of accountability and also make me feel great when I realized all we accomplished. Worth the time spent, for sure!


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