Friday, September 09, 2011

Weekly Report: 9/5/2011-9/9/2011

We had a pretty good week school-wise and got a bunch accomplished. R-girl started piano lessons, and she was so excited! Unfortunately, that means another 30 minutes on Thursday evenings, so a later supper and less reading.  Soccer season (yay for PE!) adds to business for our evening Read Alouds.


N-boy: read two lessons, continuing with his multi-syllable learning.

R-girl: read three lessons.  I started pulling out the magnetic letters and white board again to help keep her interest. 

Assigned Reading:

M-girl:  read and narrated three more chapters of Cricket in Times Square.  She seems to like it pretty well.

N-boy: read and narrated three chapters of The Littles.  And finished it! I need to choose something else for him.


M-girl: finished three lessons of MEP, working through adding up to 14.

N-boy: finished the MEP lessons on shapes and began working on calendar.

R-girl: did two lessons of MEP and worked on making up to 10s. 


M-girl: finished three pages of her logic book including Venn diagrams, shapes matching, and pattern making on a 100s chart.

N-boy: answered three logic questions from Mindbenders Warm-up.


M-girl: identified adverbs and adjectives and did a dictation exercise.

N-boy: continued working on Verbs and learned about initials today.


M-girl: continued to work on copywork and dictation related to Dates as Proper Nouns.


M-girl: completed two spelling lists and only missed two words.


M-girl: I think we are now caught up with the workbook through Lesson 15.


M-girl: learned i and j and is trying to write everything in cursive ... even letters she hasn't yet learned.

N-boy: worked on o. 

R-girl: didn't work on any specifics.

History:  We made purple dye from cabbage and alum.  Then we died string and pasta to make necklaces.  We read about Phoenicia (actually, we let Jim Weiss read), narrated the chapter, and cut up strips of a piece of paper to spread around and see how much "land" we could set off to trick the landlord into selling us like Dido did (mine is the long, skinny one that goes out around the family room [grin])

Science: We took a nature walk with Jason on Monday.  There is a nice wetlands park that was established when the new Meijer shopping plaza was put in, so we took the dogs for a walk there.  The kids and I drew in our Nature Journals and I took some pictures:

This week in our study of Anatomy, we studied the Brain and Nervous System.  We read and narrated on Tuesday and today we made Ellen McHenry's Brain Hats.

Daddy worked from home today, so we made one for him, too:

Art: Um, er, Nature Journals and brain hats? [grin]

Read Alouds:  We read some more from  The Bronze Bow and Wind in the Willows.  We also started Winnie-the-Pooh.  I was excited to re-read this.  I remember when we first read Winnie-the-Pooh, I thought it was *so *much reading.  Now, it seems like nothin' compared with our other books [grin]

Bible:  We studied some about Joshua becoming leader of the Israelites.  We read some more in Vos.  


  1. Love the brain hats! She has some pretty cool stuff on her website, doesn't she?

  2. I'm glad the dye turned out well. I'm laughing at the brain hats. Too funny! I need one of those for days when I'm feeling dumb.

    What a great week!

  3. Wow the brain hats look great and how cool that dad got to be apart of the fun.


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