Monday, November 07, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook for November 7, 2011

FOR TODAY   November 7, 2011 ...

Outside my window...
it is night.  But it was a gorgeous day today!

I am thinking... I should be in bed.

I am thankful... to have been nominated for a Homeschool Blog Award in the Best SUPER Homeschooler category.  Please vote for someone else (like my vote: I'm Nobody, Who are You?)

From the learning rooms... two weeks left ... the final slog!

In the kitchen... was supposed to be cashew chicken, but that doesn't work so well when you don't have any hoisin sauce in the house.

I am wearing... skirt I got at the GAP outlet when Heather and I went outlet shopping with M-girl and Matthias as babies and a black short sleeved shirt.  I wore my denim jacket when I was out for the day.

I am creating... blah blah blah

I am going... to vote tomorrow - don't forget!

I am wondering... where all the library books are ...

I am reading... a new Georgette Heyer ... something light following The Lord of the Rings.

I am hoping... to read something a little more substantial next.  Maybe something off the pile of "laid-aside" books from the year ...

I am looking forward to... Yuletide Session!  I'd better get to planning, it'll soon be here!

I am hearing... De Falla "Seven Popular Spanish Songs" on Musical Choice Classical Masterpieces.

Around the house... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I am pondering... Christmas poems for this year.  Got anything good?

One of my favorite things... homeschooling.  It is so great to see where my kids were at the beginning of the year and where they are now.

A few plans for the rest of the week: voting, lessons, choir, library, piano, Daddy home on Friday!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...jumping in the leaf pile at Aunt Kristy & Uncle Matthew's

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  1. That pic is GREAT!

    I voted for you. :)

  2. Thanks, I'll tell my brother you liked the picture ;)

  3. Love that photo!

    Congrats for being nominated!

  4. That little deck looks like it was designed specifically for jumping into leaf piles. What fun!


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