Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Report for 11/7/2011-11/11/2011

We had a good, exhausting week.  Sorry no pictures; our camera died and I didn't take any on the phone this week.


R-girl:  has worked through Lesson 73. She's working on long /o/ words.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: has read more Pilgrim Stories.

N-boy: seems to be enjoying The Landing of the Pilgrims, now.


M-girl: worked on adding to 17s this week.

N-boy: worked on adding to 11s this week.

R-girl: Finished MEP Reception!  I am happy to recommend this program as an interesting way to introduce, discuss, and figure math concepts. 


M-girl: [ahem]

N-boy: [ahem]


M-girl: worked on the Friendly Letter and reviewed all of the poems from First Language Lessons 1& 2.  She's also working on prepositions.

N-boy: worked on reviewing poems from First Language Lessons 1.  He continues to work on initials and abbreviations.


M-girl:  worked on initials and proper capitalization.


M-girl:  completed two spelling lists.


M-girl: Completed Chapter 21.


M-girl: worked on "u" and "w" and a review sheet.

N-boy: none.

R-girl:  none.

History: um, er, we watched a video on the Ancient Greeks.

Science: we didn't do any.

Art:  our friends came and we studied how Artists use "form." This was one of the harder projects in AP K-3 Book 1 so far, but they turned out pretty well over all.

Read Alouds:  We've read more Mary Poppins.  I hope to finish it before our break.  We also read two chapters from The House At Pooh Corner.  Actually, Jason read them while home today and we all laughed and laughed.

Bible:  We're getting closer and closer to finishing Vos.  We read about Peter and John preaching in the Temple last night.  We are close to having Ps 100 memorized.


  1. I thought I left a comment already but maybe it didn't go through?

    Anyway, I wondered what you did for math for the older 2 when they were R-girl's age? Isn't it fun to finish something? :)

  2. I haven't seen any other comments :(

    We were very slow and inconsistent with MEP Y1. MEP Reception was *perfect* for my 3.5-4 year old :) She loved having her own math.

  3. I love Winnie the Pooh and the House at Pooh Corner. I think it's one of those books you enjoy more as you get older. We enjoyed doing art with you all this week - thanks so much!


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