Friday, November 04, 2011

Weekly Report for10/31/2011-11/4/2011

With only two more weeks after this one, we're feeling the home stretch.    We accomplished a lot this week and I'm thrilled.



R-girl: She's starting to get it! Which makes phonics lessons go so much more smoothly.  We've lone lessons on long /a/, long /e/, and long /i/.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: is enjoying Pilgrim Stories.

N-boy: seems to finally be liking The Landing of the Pilgrims.


M-girl: is adding up to 16.

N-boy: is adding up to 11.

R-girl: is almost done with MEP Reception and I can recommend it happily.  She finished Math Mammoth's pages of "K" math that are now included in Math Mammoth 1A, but I decided 1A is going to be too much for her yet.  I'm trying some other basic math pages that she's liking and succeeding with.


M-girl: didn't have any assigned this week.

N-boy: didn't have any assigned this week.


M-girl: is memorizing prepositions ... "Aboard, about, above ..."

N-boy: wrote his address this morning, abbreviating Dr. and our State.


M-girl: is working on Week 20.


M-girl: worked on Level C Group 16 today.  She had to spell "round" and I used "Round on the End and Hi in the Middle" as the sentence and had to play the song.


M-girl: finished Lesson 19.

History: We watched a video on Ancient Greece and read some Greek Myths.

Science: We had eye appointments? Hmmm ...

Art:  We had art with Mahers Hill Academy:

Read Alouds:  We read a little more from Mary Poppins.

Bible: We are almost done with the Gospels in the Vos Story Bible. Thinking about what to read next.  We started memorizing Psalm 100.


  1. It is fun when reading starts to click. And Mary Poppins has been a favorite read aloud at our house as well.

  2. Mary Poppins is one of our favorites! Fun to see what your kiddos are doing. Miss seeing you all!


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