Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Report: Week 2 (January 16-20, 2012)

Well, the novelty of the first week wore off and this week was a bit harder (which is not surprising) but it was still good.  Jason was home on Monday for the bank holiday, but he had to work, so we did school with the exception that our piano teacher came that day.  That worked out well because we did some science experiences while she was here.  

I finally set up WTM-style notebooks, and already M-girl is enjoying using them.

You can always see our curricular choices here.


R-girl: is getting better and better.  She read Lesson 83 this week.  I wrote out one of the lessons on pages like a book, and she illustrated after she read:

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: read a few more chapters in Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary.

N-boy: finished The Lighthouse Family: The Whale by Cynthia Rylant.


M-girl: continued working on adding up to 20s.  She's doing very well in this section, although she could use some help with her addition facts.  Need to pull out the flash cards.

N-boy: is working on adding up to 13s.  He's got the logic down pretty well.

R-girl: started learning about inequalities.  She's doing a great job  with some challenging thinking.


M-girl: finished a packet.  We need to work some more on Venn Diagrams and reading directions, but she gets most of the logic.

N-boy: finished a packet.  He did a nice job thinking through the logic problems.


M-girl: we did two lessons in grammar talking about synonyms and antonyms last week, then reviewing the concepts with a picture narration and a story narration.  Friday we did some more of Music of the Hemispheres and put some of the definitions we've learned in her Grammar notebook under "Poetry."

N-boy: did three lessons, a lot of poetry review at the end of FLL1.


M-girl: did three lessons.  We need to do the fourth, maybe today as it is just a narration.

N-boy:  did four lessons.  I love how hard he's working to do them well even as he grumbles over how hard it is.


M-girl: is spelling very well, she did have any review words this week.  Hooray for natural spellers!

N-boy: orally spelled three lists today.  He's spelling very well.


M-girl: looked through her flash cards.

N-boy: finished up Lesson 1.


M-girl: learned to write x and y.  She has almost all the lower case letters down, we'll keep going through them so we can correct any bad habits, but she's ready for those pesky uppercase letters.

N-boy: is working on f and it is hard.

R-girl: reviewed the round numbers, wrote 7s and 1s.

History: We read about Greek mythology this week, with several books on mythology, some pictures drawn, and listened to Jim Weiss' Greek Myths.  M-girl and N-boy did some reading and narrating.

Science: We finished the five senses with some science experiences:  we did the tongue mapping exercise and the taste and smell trial from our curriculum.  We read about the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and gall bladder from the My Body book and colored and hung those pictures.  M-girl and N-boy did some reading and narrating.

Art:  M-girl took a lot of pictures this week and is learning how to use her camera.

Read Alouds:  We read some from Little Britches, which we're all enjoying.  We read a little bit of House at Pooh Corner and The Bronze Bow as well. We're enjoying Starr Meade's The Mighty Acts of God as a family.

Bible:  We learned about the Judges, Ruth, and Samuel's call this week.  We focused on Samuel.  It is good to be back into using the Bible curriculum, the kids and I all really like it and have learned a lot from it. 


  1. What a GREAT week! I'm looking forward to seeing how your WTM notebooks turn out as the year progresses.

    Your read aloud list sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Great week. I can't wait to the the WTM notebooks and we loved the book The House at Pooh Corner.

  3. Jim Weiss is great! We like listening to him here as well. Sounds like a very productive week - even if the novelty has worn off :)

  4. Sigh. Wish I had a natural speller.


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