Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Report for 2/13-217/2012

The week is done.  [phew]  It was quite a gauntlet.  We had Thursday off for Bible Study, but otherwise got through quite a bit.


R-girl: is finished with the double vowel section in OPG! She's reading very well, but needs continual practice and is really ready to work on r-controlled vowels and multi-syllable words.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: finished Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle which she really liked and began Sarah, Plain and Tall.  She read the first two chapters today, and wanted to keep reading.  I had her wait :)  She also read more of Perseus by Geraldine McCaughrean and from some other history, science and geography books.

N-boy: is still reading Jesse Owens, and not liking it a whole lot at that.  He really enjoys sports books, but I think maybe this one is a bit out of his league reading-wise.  He also read The Hero and the Minotaur (again, but narrated a different part) and a book on the digestive system and a book on Earth and Sky.

R-girl: read the first three stories from Biscuit.  Have I loved that she hates being left out of doing something her brother and sister "get" to do?


M-girl: began a lesson in Primary Challenge Math.  She also did three MEP lessons.  She has been working on measurements and seeing mirror images.  She could probably skip to Y2, but these exercises have been very stretching for her. 

N-boy: completed three math lessons, beginning adding up to 15 today.

R-girl: is working on differing combinations of 0, 1 & 2.  Today she worked on cardinal and ordinal numbers, placement, and location.


M-girl: completed three pages of logic, including putting together a month calendar.

N-boy: completed three pages.  He's gotten much better at figuring out Venn diagrams.


M-girl: did one lesson in Music of the Hemispheres, where we talked about trochees.  She also completed three lessons in FLL2 including her first composition. I love how she was eased into it by making a list, selecting and ordering a paragraph, then copying the paragraph.  

N-boy: finished FLL1! Hooray!


M-girl: did two lessons from WWE and copied her grammar composition.

N-boy: completed three lessons from WWE.  He narrated today from The Princess and the Frog.


M-girl: did spelling for one lesson.  I think the only word she missed was "Christmas."  That pesky "h."

N-boy: did two spelling lessons.  The other day he had long /e/ words.  Today long /i/ words.  Those "wh-" words were a little tricky, but he figured it out.  He didn't really have many problems with his -igh words, though.


M-girl: completed her lesson.  She learned "Ego amo te." and that's been fun this week.

N-boy: completed his lesson.  He learned "amo" this week, which was a nice tie-in with M-girl's lesson.  He's been learning about verbs.


M-girl: I don't think she finished much, but wrote most of her composition in very nice cursive.

N-boy: learned "h" and "k" this week.

R-girl: worked on 4s and 5s.

History: we did some history on Monday.  We did some old mapping that I hadn't realized we missed and made Pharos lighthouses.  The kids did some other reading, too.

Science: we read and narrated about teeth on Monday.  We also attempted to make bird feeders on Tuesday, but they broke apart into little bits :(  We'll still use the food to feed the birds, though.

Art:  we painted our bas relief from last week. They loved that.  The projects turned out better than expected!

Hopefully, you see a butterfly and two giraffes.

Read Alouds:  we finished The Cat of Bubastes! Hooray!  We're about half-way through Little Britches.  M-girl has decided it is her favorite read-aloud so far. 

Bible:  we read tonight about God's inspiration of the scriptures and His giving the law to Moses.  N-boy and M-girl astounded Daddy with their catechism questions from the 10 Commandments (N-boy has the first 4, M-girl has all of them).  It was great! They've worked so hard.  They have the first two Beatitudes memorized, next week we'll add another.  We finished learning "To God Be the Glory."


  1. Our animal hearts couldn't be hung but they made nice shapes. What is really funny is that the birds ate the sunflower seads & left the rest behind untouched! :)

  2. Looks like another great week. My oldest loved Cat of Bubastes!


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