Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly Report: December 8-12, 2014

December is usually a busy time and I generally have big plans for our Yuletide Session (2010, 20112013). This year we do not.  We're still doing extra activities as we desire, but no memory work, no Circle Time, no assigned anything.  We all need a break.

That's not entirely true. M-girl is participating in a First Lego League team (with some of the Mahers from MHA)  Their competition is tomorrow.  All day tomorrow.

Also, we've had piano and organ practices and lessons  Sunday we have recitals for both, so we really need to practice well!

Yesterday, we had our Art with Friends group Christmas Party.  We made Birdseed Ornaments and Light Bulb Chalk Drawings (both Pinterest ideas on my Hits! board).  The children had a blast! We're going to give the ornaments to our Music and Sunday School Teachers.  One thing done.

The wreath was too heavy, did not work

We had an opportunity to serve our community with Victory Ministries this week. We need to do a lot more of this kind of thing.

Tonight we're headed to do kids Christmas shopping at Five Below.  My parents help me; I walk all the kids through the store pointing out different ideas and encourage them to think about what their siblings would like.  Then, my parents take two children away, I help one shop, and we get through all three kids relatively quickly ... and they have gifts for one another.

We are also attending a local Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. Three local churches and their choirs work together to host a Progressive Concert. Good cause, good music, beautiful church buildings.  It's all good.


  1. How did the lego competition go? That sounds so exciting & fun!

    We are SO ready for a break also- have been since Thanksgiving week! Kids have one more piano lesson & co-op this week but my little's are done till Jan 3. Yahoo!

    1. They did really well! It was the team's first year and they came in 5th of 20 teams and advanced to districts. It was a long day, but really good.

      We still have music lessons and basketball over break. I am excited to be off until 1/12 especially with the big changes I want to make.

  2. Really exciting about the lego competition!

    Big changes??? DO TELL!!!


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