Friday, October 30, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Moms and Dads Need Time, Too

When you are going all the time and taking your children to their activities, you get worn out quickly.

We are used to relatively early bedtimes and free evenings. Sports seasons aren't like that. Two introvert parents, homebodies, leaving all the time taking children and dogs with us, wear us out.

We have just recently gotten to the point where we make the effort to have time on our own during these seasons.

Jason, wonderful man that he is, came home a little earlier than normal to take children to some preseason practices so I didn't have to. That means I can stay home and get dinner ready without interruption and have a little bit of time to myself.

There are times when he's unable to be there. Our park has a great playground that children who don't have practice love to play on. I can put in my earbuds and listen to a podcast or music (or look like I'm listening to something) and walk with the dog. I can do that during practice time too.

I'm taking a class on Thursdays at church. I don't usually take evening classes, but I really wanted to take this one on Women Counseling Women. It is fantastic. A friend and I have been texting each other when we get up in the morning so we can study devotions before the children are up.

I insist on Quiet Time whenever we're home, two hours every afternoon from 2-4. I need to not tell the children what to do and they need me to not tell them what to do.

Jason meets for a church meeting once a month and has an investment club meeting once a month. Some evenings he takes the dog for a walk by himself after the children are in bed. Some Saturday mornings he goes to the men's Bible study. Jason's commute is 45 minutes one way, he listens to audio books (or music) by himself.

Here's the deal. I'm not one of those "me time" kinda moms. I happily, prayerfully, desired and had these children. When we're going full tilt, though, some breathing room really is necessary. Some mother culture is gratefully recieved. Some time when mommy and/or daddy can be not in charge and responsible is really nice. Try to find some time when you can decompress from the work day or the school day.

Remember two things:

  1. God's mercies are new every morning.
  2. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


  1. Yes! It's not "me" time, it's survival. My wonderful husband takes one night of ballet duty (3 hrs) and I get so much done that night! Plus, I can usually listen to a podcast uninterrupted! Woo hoo!

    1. I don't even mind those times when I can take just one child to their event because I can sit & read or walk & listen to a podcast. It's the constant responsibility that I find that wears me down. Also, Dad really gets a break because there's little he can do at the event. It's wonderful when they can arrange their schedules to make that possible.


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