Monday, November 30, 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook for November 30, 2015

For Today...

Outside my window.... the sun has set and the sky is black. Our outdoor Christmas decor is all in place thanks to N-boy's help and encouragement.

I am thinking... I should have checked the meat defrosting in the microwave sooner.

I am thankful... for wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations with both Jason and my extended families. We are blessed by them.

I am wearing... jeans and a red sweater.

I am creating... a Christmas decorated house because I'm hosting one of two stops in my family's Progressive Dinner on Saturday.

I am going... to work on my Bullet Journal tonight.  Maybe even have a section for blogging plans.

I am wondering... how much fun my girls are having with Grammy and Grampa. They stayed starting on Saturday and come home Wednesday. I miss them, but know they're having a fantastic time!

I am reading... blogs! I cleaned up my Feedly RSS reader, made some groupings based on type of blog and wow, that has made a big difference in keeping up with my blogs. What is one of your favorite blogs?

I am hoping... Jason is safe during this deer hunting time.

I am learning... about various techy things ... Christmas is coming.

In my kitchen... Tamale Pie is in the oven, hopefully bubbling away.

In my garden... there are Christmas lights! Of course by garden, I mean landscaping.

In the homeschool... we're on break!

A favorite quote for today... from Alan Jacobs' blog ... one of my favorites:

If we wish men to practise virtue, it is worth while trying to make them love virtue, and feel it an object in itself, and not a tax paid for leave to pursue other objects. It is worth training them to feel, not only actual wrong or actual meanness, but the absence of noble aims and endeavours, as not merely blamable but also degrading: to have a feeling of the miserable smallness of mere self in the face of this great universe, of the collective mass of our fellow creatures, in the face of past history and of the indefinite future the poorness and insignificance of human life if it is to be all spent in making things comfortable for ourselves and our kin, and raising ourselves and them a step or two on the social ladder.

A peek into one of my days... I love going for our Christmas tree every year.

One of my favorite things... pulling out the Christmas decorations. It always feels both nostalgic and new.

From the board room... I love the December board. I link food and ornaments and decor and other fun ideas for the month.

Some of the ideas have made it onto our Christmas tree, which I scoped then blogged about here.

Post Script... For years and years I have followed Anne who currently blogs at She has finished home educating her children and reads amazing things and posts beautiful pictures and shares fabulous links.  She's having a giveaway right now to celebrate her 1000th post. Sign up before Dec 1 at 8pm Eastern. Give her some encouragement, I always find something worthwhile when I read her blog.

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  1. This is the 2nd time this week (and we aren't very far into this week) someone mention a bullet journal.... what exactly is it? And I have heard good things about a progressive dinner... I may have to get some friends together and do something like this!! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Jodi! You can go to to see more about it. They are a way to track and journal and plan. Progressive Dinners are fun!

  2. Nothing important to say other than I enjoy catching up on your posts. xoxo

    1. Always so glad when you do ... even when I forget to reply :)


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