Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesdays with Words: Anticipating the Future

Long. Long Ago. Long, Long, Long Ago I had a wise Chemistry teacher.

He was one of my favorite teachers when I was in high school. He was fun. Chemistry projects were fun. He loved History (my favorite). He let us choose our own lab partners and I made a best friend.

Best of all, he was very kind and concerned for his students.

Mr. Fulton was important in my life.

I loved Chemistry - despite not being particularly interested in science - and even took Advanced Chemistry just for fun.  All because of him (well and my best friend.)

But he was also wise. My Freshman year of high school was particularly awful. No classes with anyone who I considered a friend. I felt like I showed up and spoke with no one for the whole year.

Sophomore year Chemistry class changed that. At least partially.  But, man, I looked forward to graduating and getting away from that place. I was bemoaning high school in particular and teenagedom in general and wishing it were time for me to go to college and be a grownup. (I always wanted to be a grownup and I can honestly say that I love being a grownup.) Mr. Fulton heard me and gently reproved me, "Don't wish your life away. Enjoy today too."

I remember his words vividly - which is surprising because things said to me generally don't stick, I need to see them or write them ... even then I need repeats. But those words, they have stuck with me for 25+ years. (I told you it was a long, long, long time ago)

Recently, I listened to Martin Cothran's recent interview on the Quiddity podcast. I had heard several people exclaiming at how good it was. That didn't surprise me as he is one of my top 3 speakers at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention each year.  Toward the end of the interview, he spoke these words, reminiscent of Mr. Fulton's words to me:

While I love being a grownup, I must admit that sometimes I'm often "anticipating the future." "Vacation will be wonderful." "I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving." "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat." And, while there is planning and preparation and, yes, something to anticipate in each of those events, I need to also remember to "Enjoy today, too."

Life isn't a holding pattern waiting for the next thing. I think that's part of why I wanted to learn about *revel* this year. I think I often live event to event rather than moment to moment with holding patterns between. But I wanted to *revel* ... enjoy, taste and see the Lord is good, glorify God ... in the everyday moments. In mopping and reading a book. In teaching my children. In surfing the web. In writing blog posts for Wednesdays with Words.

When is now? It is now. Present. Here before us on the laptop, in the kitchen, in the van, on the sidewalk. As we walk along the way.

In a recent conversation, Mystie was talking about how for her Sabbath rest includes not working to get ahead.  Not planning out the next week, but simply enjoying the day before her.  Planning is important, yes, but I think I can use a whole lot more enjoyment of rest in the moment. Of now.

Sorry this post is late today. It was a combination of - oh yeah, it's Wedensday and not really being ready for the words to flow out until, well, now.


  1. Beautiful post, Dawn. Thank you for writing this. It's a lesson I need to learn for sure!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I'm glad it was helpful for you.

  2. Such a great reminder. My mom is visiting so I am glad to say that we enjoyed today!

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    1. :) thanks for joining in and commenting.


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