Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday More Yuletide Session (in reverse order) ... with words

Needing homemade playdough for 3yo cousin's gift.

Pretzles, kisses or hugs, and m&ms. What could go wrong .. and all kid done! Woohoo!

Mama & Papa's tree ... they use stuffed animals that play music. All the children love to play them.

N-boy in top hat at millenry; R-girl stringing popcorn and cranberries in schoolhouse; M-girl coloring a Victorian card; M-girl and N-boy dancing (R-girl and our friend Miss A from Little Drops of Water also danced)
And their pretty bonnets. Again with Miss A.

This is how the tophat actually fit.

Volunteer demonstrating the printing press.

Daddy reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He does the best voices.

M-girl and N-boy with their organ instructor. She's pretty wonderful. So are they.

M-girl at the organ.

N-boy at the organ.

Art with Friends Christmas party.
We make ornaments every year.

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