Monday, February 08, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook for February 8, 2016

For Today... February 8, 2016

Outside my window.... it's dark but the first edges of sun are peeping about the horizon.

I am thinking... about the myriad things I need to do today. I should work in my bullet journal to straighten out my thoughts.

I am thankful... for another year with family and friends and hoping for the year to come.

I am wearing... pajamas still. Soon, I'll get dressed and make the bed.

I am creating... clean dishes; I emptied the clean dishwasher and reloaded with the handful of Sunday dishes.

I am going... to continue reorganizing the school room. The big white desk is gone, now to rearrange more pleasingly.

I am wondering... if I'll get my homework done for CM group tonight.

I am reading... Start Here by Brandy Vencel. We're studying CM's principles 9, 10, and 11 tonight. I haven't started reading yet, so I can't tell you what those principles are!

I am hoping... to get a good deal of the assignment done.

I am learning... more about the Lord's Prayer. I'm also reading Philip Graham Ryken's When you Pray, which is excellent.

In my kitchen... there's a Tres Leches cake in my fridge and it is divine.

In my garden...

In the homeschool... it is time to start thinking about Year 5. We should start it in a few weeks.

A favorite quote for today... "We cannot hallow God until God hallows us ..." From When we Pray pg 72.

A peek into one of my days... On Saturday night, we ate in the dining room. I'm making the attempt to do so more often. Do you have a similar room that has been neglected? Can you try to make it special? We have decorated for February with a red heart theme :)

One of my favorite things... For Christmas my brother and sister-in-law got me one of those gel mats for in the kitchen. Another is on my way for my birthday. So, one for in front of the sink and another in front of the stove. Ahhhhhh.

From the board room... While I'm rearranging my homeschool room, I thought I'd share my "Homeschool - Rooms" board. While I'm convinced you don't need a homeschool room, I'm very thankful to have one. And while mine will never look like one of these, I enjoy the inspiration.

Post Script... Have you heard? The Scholé Sisters have a new podcast! Episode 0 and 1 have both been published and they are so great! Episode 0 is an introduction to the idea of scholé and our gracious hostesses. The first episode, about the importance of levity in our lives and homeschools. So necesssary and yet so very easy to ignore. Brandy, Mystie, and Pam are doing a great job and I cannot wait to hear more as I walk the dog ... they're excellent company!

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  1. Love the tablecloth! It's so cheery and perfect for Valentine's Day! Have a great week :)

    1. Thanks! I enjoy having seasonal decorations :)

  2. I used to have a room that we used very little. Then I just changed rooms around. Made the family room our dining room and turned the old dining room into a reading room. Now every room gets used!! Love that tablecloth!

    1. Nice! I love when repurposing makes things better.

  3. I love how pretty your table looks. Our dining room table has yet again become a catch all for everything! I need to get it cleaned it off and start using it for what its intended for.... Have a great week!

    1. Thanks. My dining room is between the front door and kitchen and often becomes a catch-all. I'm endeavoring to make it constantly clear.

  4. I want to see more pics of your edu room as you work on it!!! :) I need more bookshelves in mine!

    Schole Sisters is wonderful! :)


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