Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Little Light Housekeeping

I've begun a new Facebook page for ladydusk. I try not to inundate you with stuff in the feed, but would love to interact there. If you would to too, please "like" my page.

I'm heading out for GHC in the morning. I'm so excited! 
I plan to, again, tweet salient quotes; I'll probably use #2016GHC. I'm on twitter @a_ladydusk ... you can see my twitter feed in the sidebar here, too. I think I have it set so that these will publish on my aforementioned Facebook page, as well.

In April, big events are happening for ladydusk ... it'll be my big bloggiversary.  That being said, I owed an Attend! post this week and it's not gonna happen. I'll try to get March's post sometime next week, I even have an idea what I'll write about (although maybe not where it'll go) unless I get entirely derailed at convention this weekend. Let's just say I plan it to be about attending events.

As always, I'm just very very thankful that you choose to read and participate here. Your interaction makes this such a wonderful means of fellowship, friendship, thinking, and memory-keeping for me. Thank you for being part of our "books, school, life."

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