Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Podcast Addicted: The Mason Jar / CiRCE Podcast Network

I have long considered Cindy Rollins one of my Homeschooling Mentors.

Her now defunct blog, Ordo Amoris, was pivotal to drawing me away from neo-classicism and into a more traditional Classical educational system via Charlotte Mason. Her book clubs (though I failed to finish a single one with the group) led to some of the most important reading I have done on Classical Education and some fabulous, fascinating discussions.

I long believed her about Morning Time, and have done Circle Time for years because she told me to.

When she closed Ordo Amoris, I mourned. When she began The Mason Jar, I rejoiced.

Cindy along with David Kern is a dynamic combination. Cindy, with her grown boys (and girl) and David, with his young boys discuss Classical Education in a Charlotte Mason framework. The format is lovely with two episodes per month. One week Cindy interviews a Charlotte Mason educator - many from AmblesideOnline, although I think my favorite might be Episode #3 with Dr. Jack Beckman. On the opposite episode: Q&A. Cindy, answers questions submitted from the CM/CiRCE community about implementing a Charlotte Mason education in the home. She even answered one of my questions.

It is by far my favorite of the CiRCE Podcast Network. While I love all the work David and the CiRCE team are doing via podcast, I do sorta wish they could have separate streams so the different "shows" could be easier to find. That being said, their other podcasts are worth your time. I'm excited about the new Ask Andrew feature, although I have yet to listen to those. The Quiddity podcast is also excellent with interesting guests and intriguing ideas. All Highly Recommended.


  1. I really liked Episode #3, too - need to listen to it again.

    1. He was also interviewed on the Cultivating the Kingdom podcast by Allison Burr. Not to be missed. Perhaps a sneak peek for my series? Time will tell.


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