Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Podcast Addicted: The Scholé Sisters Podcast

I doubt it will come as a surprise that The Scholé Sisters Podcast is next on my list.

This is a brand new podcast, just starting in January with only a handful of episodes so far. But what episodes they are!

I love how conversational on really deep topics these are. The Scholé Sisters (Brandy, Mystie, and Pam) talk about as diverse topics so far as levity in the homeschool (I am that no-fun mom, this one gave me encouragement and conviction to step it up) to the importance of love in the homeschool - for student and subject (so many ideas! I still need to write a post about this episode, but I need to relisten and take notes. Since I usually listen while walking, this will take some time.)  Friday, Brandy and Pam discussed co-ops and wonder. I haven't listened yet ... this cough has made the idea of walking unappealing ... but even though we don't co-op per se, I'm excited to listen because Wonder has been an integral idea I've been considering in the last year and I'm sure I'll get ideas for our home.

Plus, I love listening to these girls. The listener can tell that they're friends and it truly feels as though they've invited you into the conversation ... that you're a friend too. Every episode so far, I've wanted to pause and throw in my two cents. I'm sure that looks funny to passers-by while I'm walking the dog myself. I've certainly laughed loudly and long at some of the conversation. It is just good.

That's one reason why I like podcasts, though. Most audio forms are too easy to tune out. Sometimes even audiobooks. But with podcasts, my favorites are the conversational ones - whether an interview like Homeschool Snapshots or a discussion of ideas like this one - I can really engage. If an interview: How would I answer those questions? If a discussion, I can participate in my head. I can't really zone.

But, I digress.

I love the format of The Scholé Sisters Podcast, too. There are several segments: the RDA where they talk about what is currently nourishing their personal scholé, that restful learning, in books and articles and conversations. The main topic of conversation is next. Then, they finish up with a nitty gritty homeschool issue or idea. Something that is keeping you from teaching from rest and they brainstorm different ways to solve the problem.

So, even though it's a new kid on the block, don't pass it up. It's a fantastic way to spend a walk.

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