Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Podcast Addicted: Simply Charlotte Mason Audio Blog

The Simply Charlotte Mason Audio Blog is a different kind of podcast than the others. It isn't an interview. It is something of an advertisement. It isn't a discussion.

Sonya Shafer simply reads their blog posts aloud.

And I very much like it. SCM has always been good at putting together excellent resources for the Charlotte Mason homeschooler. But beyond that, their explanations and rationale teach a great deal about Mason's philosophy and help the reader - and now listener - understand more of that philosophy.

Their blog is also organized really nicely. Recently they went through a series of subject by subject discussing resources and ways to teach them. These are nice, short podcasts. Quick to play when empyting the dishwasher or some small task you'd like to have company with. These made for really nice podcasts, a quick jolt of reminding us why and how to spread the grand feast of a CM education.

An interesting concept; I'm curious how it'll catch on.


  1. Thank you for this set of posts. I have found some great podcasts through your recommendations.

    1. I'm so glad ... the non general homeschool ones are coming ...

  2. Sonya Shafer is great at being clear and succinct - I enjoy her audio blog and that she doesn't feel any need to add more to it than a 5 minute nugget.

    I'm contemplating that idea for Simply Convivial....I listened to hers and thought, "Oh, I could do that...." :) Famous last words.

    1. Rather. Sounds like a great plan to meeeee!


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