Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Podcast Addicted: Cultivating the Kingdom

Allison Burr of TruthBeautyGoodness.net has three excellent podcasts. My favorite, and the flagship podcast, is Cultivating the Kingdom.

In Cultivating the Kingdom, she speaks with experts in their fields about theology and its impact on our daily living. Whether discussing how to read and teach the Bible with children, the place of lament in the Christian life, or family discipleship, Allison asks excellent questions and draws out deep ideas of how to live out a theologically rich Christian life.

My favorite episodes was #10 with Dr. Jack Beckman. He was interviewed by Cindy Rollins for The Mason Jar which I already claimed as a favorite. I hope he continues to grant the occasional interview because his wisdom and knowledge of CM philosophy has been helpful. Allison's discussion with him did not disappoint.

I think she must be on hiatus with a recent house move, which she has been documenting on Instagram, but I very much look forward to the return of Cultivating the Kingdom.

The Straight Stick answers questions about how her family thinks about and reacts to modern cultural issues. While we don't always come to the same conclusions or decisions about those issues, I always appreciate her perspective and thoughtfulness.

My children love their third, family oriented, podcast: Melody, Mystery, and Mayhem. I loaded an app on their kindles and they have listened to all of the episodes multiple times, enjoying the stories, songs, and jokes. If you know any other good podcasts for children, please comment and let me know. They're looking for something to add!


  1. I enjoy Allison's podcasts, too. I've gotten so many good recommendations from her! I am hoping to stop at her inn when I travel to KY for the Memoria Press conference this summer. (So excited!)

    1. Sounds fun! I've heard fantastic things about the MP conference, too! Look up Dianna Kennedy for me there :)


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