Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Podcast Addicted: Read-Aloud Revival

So, I'm pretty certain RAR needs no introduction. It is, however, the podcast that addicted me to podcasts, so certainly deserves a place in this series.

I was cleaning children's bedrooms, and had to have something to listen to and decided to try out Read Aloud Revival.  I powered through all that were available at that time - like 30? - in two weeks. I just listened back to back to back.

For a time I felt like I was stalking Sarah Mackenzie - listening to her podcast, reading her book, watching her periscope, following her on Facebook ...

Here's what I've learned from RAR: Read Aloud a lot. I've learned about whys and wherefores. I've learned how-tos. I've been encouraged to carry on. I've learned about a lot of books to be read. I've learned about means for reading many books. I've heard personal friends, acquaintances, and total strangers talk about reading aloud and been encouraged that we aren't alone in this endeavor - we aren't that strange.

Sarah is warm, engaging, and so friendly you begin to consider her a personal friend as she talks with her guests. The listener feels like "my friend is interviewing this person." I'm sure the interviewee feels the same way, too. The professional feel, the music, the "Let the Kids Speak" segment, all are so well designed and put together.  She somehow has managed to come up with various topics to discuss - all related to reading aloud - and built an amazing community on IG and the Membership site.

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