Monday, August 01, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, August 1, 2016

For Today... 

Looking out my window ... the sky is blazing blue.

I am thinking ... about the coming week and the things we've scheduled to do.

I am thankful ... that the weather has been so nice so I can take my morning walks. Walking the dog early has been a blessing to me ... and those who know me might know how much I've always loathed mornings. So this is a good change even though I struggle to get up and get started.

One of my favorite things ... spending time at my in-laws. We had a fantastic visit on Saturday and they've kept R-girl for a few days, which is a blessing.

I am wearing ... still in my walking clothes. I'm going to do this post then get showered and dressed for the day. It's laundry day, so a load is begun.

I am creating ... plans for our home. I hope to start going through one box an evening in the basement to clear out areas and making that space more pleasant.

I am listening to ... the Center For Lit team talk about Flannery O'Connor and wondering if her stories would be something my husband would enjoy. I think they're likely darker than my preferences.

I am hoping ... to be rid of Sandy's cone of shame in a few hours. She's driving me crazy with that thing.

I am learning ... the differences between trial and temptation according to James and then how to resist temptation - and the results of that.  Excellent sermon last night.

In my kitchen ... I sent the actual cooking outside Friday night and haven't really cooked since.

In the school room ... we've kept it tidy for two weeks of school! This is a first:

Post Script ... Even though I'm terrible about this kind of project, I'm watching NaturePal Exchange closely because I think it would be worth the time investment for my children this fall.

Shared Quote ... "God knows better." Pastor Jason Kirklin - as something of a mental statement to use in resisting temptation.

A moment from my day ... Celebrating Grammy's birthday. Love.

Closing Notes: I've been thinking about prejudice and judging and people and people groups and old books and dissmissiveness. I hope to write about it this week.

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  1. Love your Daybook entry, and all your pictures you've shared. I especially love your schoolroom and all those beautiful books! Looks like you have sweet pup that enjoys hanging out in that room too. I look forward to reading what you talked about in your closing notes. Hope you have a blessed week!

  2. Enjoyed my visit here today. <3 Your pictures are all lovely and look so inviting. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi, I enjoyed visiting and seeing a bit of your day. The Lord seems to be teaching all of us something exciting this week. Wonderful pictures....that salad looks AMAZING! Have a wonderful week.

  4. Oh, the dreaded cone of shame. My pup walks into walls when she has to wear that dreaded thing!

    My August SW Daybook post is up - at Practically at Home.


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