Saturday, November 19, 2016

Did I mention?

Yesterday was our last day of the Academic Year for 2016?

We did a relatively big day:

These kids worked so hard over the last 10 weeks - 9 weeks of lessons. We did a whole 12-week term of AmblesideOnline to finish Ambleside Online Year 5, Term 2 by the end of the school year.

M-girl is going to do two math lessons to finish MEP Year 4 this coming week.  But that's *her* goal.

12 weeks in 9 was exhausting and I told someone "moderately awful" and "just doable" and I hope we never find ourselves in a place where I think we need to do an accelerated term again.  I really, really wanted to be done with Term 2 before the end of our Academic Year, and am thrilled that we met that goal.

Then we went for Frozen Custard:

It was in the 70s and sunny yesterday, and is snowing this morning

It was a fantastic last day!

I've already begun thinking about our 2017 Academic Year, thus I've been working through Plan Your Year from Pam Barnhill. (I'm not an affiliate, but I am her Community Care Coordinator, so if you purchase it, you benefit my children's music lesson fund).  I've never done planning this way before and am finding a lot of benefit to thinking through our overarching vision, and then goals for the year.

It was fascinating to talk with the kids about their strengths and weaknesses and consider what their goals for next year should be.  I'm enjoying the process and recommend it.  Over our Yuletide Session break, I may post more fruit from this planning.

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For now, we're going to watch some football and play some Legos and enjoy our break with a lot of adventures and enough (I hope) relaxation.


  1. Enjoy the break! And enjoy your planning!

  2. This was a full term to finish in nine weeks, I applaud your success. We had a rough time of it and took 2(!) extra weeks to finish week 24 . We also did not finish Lilias Trotter, I hope to during Christmas break.


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