Saturday, February 04, 2017

Our Weekly Amble for January 30-February 3, 2017

We had a lot of busy doings this week as we ambled together. This was Week 4 of Ambleside Online Year 5, Term 3. Because we had a big field trip Tuesday and Wednesday was off altogether, our three days had a large amount of work.  Some days that was better than others.

Monday was a good day, we accomplished Whatchamacallit and regular lessons. We started our new hymn, "Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart." We've been readig John Greenleaf Whittier poems - but sometimes they get long - Maud Muller is four pages! - so I found someone else to read it for me. It was a Writing and Rhetoric week for Whatchamacallit, so we finished that lesson over a couple of days and we did Free Writing on Friday.  Beauty Loop this week consisted of a drawing lesson - drawing a ball and shadowing it, a little Medieval music following links from AO, and The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt, we watched a 2 minute video about  that, too.

We read more of The Chestry Oak. Can I just copy it into my commonplace book? The whole thing? No. Darn.

We had a lovely variety of readings this week from the end of the Civil War at Appomatox Court House and Lincoln's Assassination, to 19th C European politics and wars, to Theodore Roosevelt's powerful presedency until his death. We readabout George Washington Carver's turn from and return to trusting God. Richard Halliburton took us around Iraq - both Baghdad and Babylong.  We thought about man's interactions with the animal kingdoms in Madam How, Lady Why and why thoughtlessness can be cruelty.  We read about God's design of wings and how they are either the same or differ.  The telephone was invented! And I was told that Sirius Black from Harry Potter must be named after Orion's dog as we read from Age of Fable.

Our piano teacher was back, so M-girl and N-boy had piano lessons.

We listened to Kim in the car on Tuesday as we drove to the Columbus Museum of Art to meet friends.

Then we headed to The Lincoln Theatre. CAPA has educational plays available for field trips to schools - and homeschools! - at $5 a ticket. Which is a bargain.  In November, we went to see the full A Christmas Carol musical.  This week, though, was 'Four Score and Seven Years Ago.' The timing was approximately perfect! We all enjoyed the show then hurried back for Organ lessons, finishing our chapter of Kim on the way. I even managed to remember to put a couple of quotes in my commonplace. That's a major win for me!

On Wednesday, we were able to participate in the Morning Time Methods webinar that Pam presented. Well, I had to be there, but some of my kids and my friend's children were able to take the class and they loved it.

On Thursday, our organ teacher played at her church's monthly organ concert.  They host these on the first Thursday of every month and this is the second we've attended.  I'd like to make an effort to go more often.

On Friday, we were able to have our Weekly Meetings (I think I need a better name) and talk about how the week was and hopes for the coming week.  M-girl and I are sharing our keeping - Geography, Book of Centuries, and I shared my commonplace. I think she's struggling with what is "worthy" of copying. And time.  Glad we have time to practice these things as we go and develop habits.

The weekly meetings aren't very long, but they are one on one with Mommy's complete attention. It's a place to talk about what and how they're learning (the logistics). It's a time to review what went well and what didn't in a non-threatening, not in the middle of conflict non-confrontational manner. We can talk about expectations, habits, goals, devotions, lessons, library books, etc.  I have enjoyed this time for the last 4 weeks and the children have too. It's a practice to keep.

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